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What problems does the given health Check-UP solve?

  • Identification of the most frequent health disorders affecting the functions of the cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary, genito-urinary, liver, pancreas, pelvic organs, upper and lower divisions of the gastrointestinal tract.  
  • Control indicators of disorders of protein, lipid, carbohydrate metabolism, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and disorders of blood coagulation.  
  • Identification of signs, hidden or slow inflammatory processes.
  • Control of the most frequent, including mild, endocrine disorders.
  • Assessment of the condition of the biological status and integrity of the urogenital tract.
  • Detection of latent myocardial ischemia with functional stress tests.
  • Assessment of lipid metabolism as a factor in the development of systemic vascular arteriosclerosis.
  • Screening and identification of latent type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • Assessment of hemodynamic disorders, threatening the occurrence of acute and chronic disorders of cerebral circulation.
  • Endoscopic control of the state of all parts of the colon to prevent the onset of colorectal cancer.
  • Assessment of hormonal changes in premenopause, including the detection of the risk of osteoporosis.
  • In-depth study of mineral metabolism, including all stages of iron metabolism, to identify the causes of possible anemia.  
  • Investigation of purine metabolism in combination with assessment of renal excretory function for the purpose of diagnosis, monitoring and evaluation of the prognosis of the probability of development of renal diseases.  
  • Determination of the risk of development and progression of cardiovascular diseases.  
  • Control of the effectiveness of therapy for chronic heart failure in its presence.  
  • Monitoring the status of patients with diagnosed diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases.  
  • Evaluation of limb blood flow for determining the severity of atherosclerotic vessel changes and the risk of ischemic and thromboembolic disorders.
  • Assessment of the risks of mammary gland and pelvic inflammatory disease.

  • Gynecologist consultation
  • Orthopedic surgeon consultation
  • Mammologist consultation
  • Endocrinologist consultation
  • Ultrasound of the pelvis
  • Ultrasound of the mammary glands
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland
  • Chest X-ray
  • Colposcopy
  • PAP smear
  • Mammography
  • Complete blood picture + ESR
  • Complete stool analysis
  • Complete urine analysis
  • Blood glucose (sugar)
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
  • Thyroxine total (T-4)
  • Prolactin (PRL)

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