Voluntary medical insurance

  • VMI service

    Provides medical services as per the VMI policies

One of the priority activities of the multidisciplinary medical center “AKFA Medline” is the provision of medical services under the policies of voluntary medical insurance (VMI).


    Voluntary medical insurance

Voluntary medical insurance (VMI) is a type of insurance that provides medical services as per the choice of the individual who chooses from the insurance program, the costs of which are compensated by the insurance company.


    Independent choice of medical services

Medical Centre “AKFA Medline” carries out treatment on the policies of voluntary medical insurance for VMI insurance companies. In this case, the provision of medical care, as a rule, requires prior agreement and approval from the company-insurer.

We provide medical assistance on the policies of the following insurance companies:

  • In hospital treatment (IPD) Service

    Individual or comprehensive medical insurance

Under the VMI policy, every insured person is guaranteed to receive quality treatment in our center. In Voluntary medical insurance policy   one can choose either one or the whole complex of insurance programs or any combination.

  • Pregnancy care

    Operative service and quality service

Many future mothers are scared by long lines in the women’s consultation, the various investigations and tests and may not get timely advice. VMI policy guarantees you quality counseling, all necessary examinations and investigations in a convenient manner to the pregnant women.

  • Sanatorium and Resort therapy

    Comprehensive whole body examination and effective treatment

VMI policy almost ideal solution for people of middle and older age who have chronic illnesses. The Policy guarantees all systems examination and treatment,this is an investment for goodhealth.

  • Ambulatory Polyclinic Service

So, the VMI policy for outpatient care is mainly designed for people who generally do not have any disease, but from time to time experience general weakness.

For the diseases (diabetes, mental illness, tuberculosis, AIDS, etc.) covered by the clause of provision of medical care by the state (Government), VMI will not provide assistance. According to the insurance policy of VMI the beneficiary will not receive the insurance benefit/refund if, at the time of the illness event, the beneficiary was in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication or if found tohave deliberately caused self-harm to your health. The insurance amount is not paid to the client, but is transferred to the account of the medical institution.


Not all diseases are treated by VMI. There are diseases that are not covered by the policy – sugar diabetes, mental illness, tuberculosis, AIDS, etc.


To avoid misunderstandings and for your convenience, please observe the following rules:

If you have aVMI policy, you need to:

  1. Call the number indicated on this policy or in the application form to the policy.
  2. Check with   the employee of the insurance company or the Assistance service, whether MC “AKFA Medline” enters the list of clinics where you can be treated. If it is not on this list, then you have every right to demand that they make an agreement with MC “AKFA Medline” (with all the ensuing circumstances, the conclusion of the contract with us takes 1-2 hours).
  3. Clarify the list of medical services included in your insurance program.
  4. To register for primary consultation of the necessary specialist through an employee insurance company or assistance service. *

The list of medical centers and services included in your program is indicated in the loose leaf attached to your policy.

*Primary treatment for medical care in MC «AKFA MEDLINE» is carried out only through insured company employees with the number indicated on the VMI policy.

It is necessary to have:

– passport;
– VMI policy letter.

If the doctor at the reception appointed you to investigations, procedures, treatment, it is necessary to consult with your insurance company or Service Assistance, to confirm if they are part of the designated part of your program VMI.

For insurance of foreign citizens for VMI, negotiations are on with the foreign insurance companies for formulating contract.

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If you want to make a VMI agreement with the Medical Center “AKFA Medline”, you need to send a request in an arbitrary form   to the email address below to contact us.

Our staff will answer all the questions with respect to the Medical Centre “AKFA Medline” with corporate clients.
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