In our medical center there are qualified ultrasound specialists who are well trained to carrying out all types of ultrasound studies, such as:
• Ultrasound of the thyroid gland, mammary glands, abdominal organs, kidneys, pelvic organs, soft tissues;
• Ultrasound in pregnancy;
• Duplex scanning of vessels;
• All types ofelastography(early diagnosis of cancer), the method ofelastographyis an alternative tofibroscanning(diagnosis of liver cirrhosis);
• Ultrasound of the parenchymal organs.
• 3D and 4D studies.
All researches are carried out on ultrasonic apparatus of expert class ACUSON S2000 from companySiemensthat provides the highest quality of received images and allows to reach the most exact for today diagnostics of ultrasonic research.

  • Primary consultation of Ultrasound doctor
  • Consultation of Ultrasound doctor
  • Ultrasound of uterus and adnexas
  • Dopplerography of functional vessels of penis
  • Study of neck structures
  • Two-stage dynamic cholecystosonography
  • Doppler study of arteries and veins
  • Doppler study of brachiocephalic vessels
  • Doppler ultrasound
  • Doppler ultrasound arteries
  • Dopplerography of scrotal vessels
  • Dopplerography of vessels
  • Transcranial Dopplerography
  • Dopplerography of pelvic vessels
  • Dopplerography of vessels abdominal cavity, colour
  • Scanning of scrotum
  • Transrectal study
  • Transvaginal study
  • Transvaginal study follow up visit (Folliculometry)
  • Ultrasound of thyroid gland
  • Ultrasound of uterus and adnexas (Folliculometry)
  • Ultrasound of pleural cavities
  • Ultrasound of joints
  • Ultrasound of internal organs of newborn
  • Ultrasound of abdominal organs
  • Ultrasound of genitourinary system
  • Ultrasonic of breast ultrasound
  • Ultrasound of urinary bladder
  • Ultrasound of soft tissues (atheromas, lymph nodes, lipomas)
  • Ultrasound of soft tissues (fistula, hernia, trauma)
  • Ultrasound of organs of sight
  • Ultrasound examination organs + 4D
  • Ultrasound examination organs + doppler ultrasound
  • Ultrasound of eye + dopplerography + 4D
  • Liver and gall bladder
  • Fetus ultrasound + 4D
  • Fetal ultrasound 13-28 weeks
  • Fetal ultrasound 29-40 weeks
  • Fetal ultrasound up to 12 weeks
  • Fetal ultrasound with dopplerography
  • Fetal ultrasound with dopplerography + 4D
  • Ultrasound of pancreas
  • Ultrasonography of kidneys and adrenal glands
  • Ultrasound of prostate gland
  • Ultrasound of salivary gland
  • Ultrasonic color 4-D measuring vessels
  • Echocardiography
  • Neurosonography

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  • Dr. Khilola Said-Adkham

    Ultrasound specialist

  • Dr. Nargiza S-Khodjayeva

    Ultrasound specialist