PCR Study

Genitourinary system’s infectious and inflammatory diseases are the main cause of problems in male health, including in reproductive functions violation.

PCR-study allows to identify microorganisms involved in bacterial prostatitis development and determine their number, to identify the cause of acute and chronic inflammation, even in disease and complaints’ characteristic signs.

This study is specially adapted for male microflora.

Now a study of urogenital tract microflora of men by PCR in real time available in AKFA Medline medical center.

  • Optional anaerobic microorganisms: Lactobacillus spp., Streptococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp.; Corynebacterium spp.
  • Conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, associated with bakvaginosis: Gardnerella vaginalis/ Fusobacterium spp., Megasphaera spp./Veilonella spp./Dialister spp., Leptotrhia spp./Sneathia spp./Mycoplasmahominis/, Ureaplasmaurealyticum.; Ureaplasmaparvum./ Atopobiumclaster/
  • Conditionally pathogenic microorganisms anaerobes: Bacteroidesspp/Porphyromonasspp./Prevotellaspp., /Anaerococcusspp., /Peptostreptococcusspp./Parvimonasspp./ Eubacteriumspp.
  • Conditionally pathogenic microorganisms Haemophilus spp.:Haemophilus spp.
  • Conditionally pathogenic microorganisms seudomonas aeruginosa/ Ralstonia spp./ Burkholderia spp./ Enterobacteriaceae spp./ Enterococcus spp./
  • Yeast-like mushrooms: Candida spp.
  • Patogens: Mycoplasma genitalium/ Trichomonas vaginalis/ Neisseria gonorrhoeae/ Clamydia trachomatis/.

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  • Dr. Malokhat Akhmedova

    PCR doctor

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