Foreign Patients Service Center AKFA Medline organizes treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients from all over the world, mainly – citizens of Russia and other countries of the former CIS.

We provide the following services:

  • Studying the patient's medical history
  • Familiarization of the patient with the program of work of clinics including the prices for all medical services
  • Arrangement of arrival for treatment (visa support | air tickets | transfer)
  • VIP meeting at the airport (optional)
  • Hotel reservation
  • Assistance in purchasing medicines
  • Maintenance by qualified coordinators for all procedures
  • Getting medical opinion and results of all studies in Russian at the end of treatment
  • Organization of leisure (excursions around the city (at the request of the patient))
  • Help in any reasonable situations arising during the stay on treatment
  • Provision of registration in the clinic for a foreign citizen if he is on long-term treatment in a hospital


 Tel: +998 99 851-30-03
 Tel: +998 71 207-77-22

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Phone:  +992 90 404 03 03

Phone:  +7 776 378 07 88

Phone:  +996 55 558 00 07

Высококлассные специалисты готовы помочь вам в любое время.

Деятельность нашего центра основывается на доверительных отношениях с партнерами, на взаимном уважении, обязательности, и, самое главное, заботе о пациентах и гостях медицинского центра.