AKFA Medline Medical Center hosted conference on сardiac surgery

On August 1, AKFA Medline Medical Center organized a conference ‘Historical Breakthrough of Cardiac Surgery in Uzbekistan”. The event was attended by Ministry of Health representatives, cardiosurgeons, clinic’s management and staff, as well as media representatives.

Attendees noted that AKFA Medline highly qualified doctors successfully performed about 600 operations of varying complexity in a short time. The clinic uses modern methods of treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

During the event, participants got information about performed operations: Coronary artery bypass surgery, radical correction of tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia, Bentall and De Bono surgery, aortic valve replacement. Histories of patients of different ages who were operated in AKFA Medline and their postoperative state were analyzed.

“Our compatriots go abroad to seek medical help and complex operations. Our main goal is to conduct complex operations in Uzbekistan, in particular in our clinic. If this is not possible, we can invite foreign specialists to Uzbekistan and provide them with all the conditions. It is also important to develop specialists in the field of private medicine. Currently, AKFA Medline medical center served patients from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other neighboring countries. Thus, we are contributing to medical tourism development, stated Kamola Mirzalieva, head of AKFA Medline.

To date, 9 complex cardiosurgical operations have been performed at Medical Center. Among them were children with congenital heart defects. By organizing such events, AKFA Medline is aimed to increase the level of knowledge and practical skills of doctors of the republic.

АдминистраторAKFA Medline Medical Center hosted conference on сardiac surgery