Hematological studies

An integral part of the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases is a hematological study.Hematologic study is a complex blood test, which reveal information about the qualitative and quantitative composition of the blood.It sets of reveals the latent changes in the human body, to determine the presence of complications, and also to control the treatment.The group of hematological studies includes many different tests to evaluate all the components of blood.Below you can find a list of tests performed in our laboratory.

  • General analysis with hemogram (26 indicators) + ESR
  • General analysis with hemogram (26 indices)
  • General analysis with hemogram + Reticulocytes
  • General analysis with hemogram + ESR + Reticulocytes
  • “Thick drop” on malarial plasmodium
  • Aggregation of platelets
  • For Duke bleeding time
  • Blood coagulation time by Sukharev
  • PTI + INR (INR)
  • Prothrombin time – thromboplastin time (TT)
  • Prothrombin index (PTI)
  • Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT)
  • Fibrinogen
  • D-Dimer
  • Antithrombin-Sh
  • Willebrand factor
  • The Factor V
  • The Factor VII
  • The Factor VIII
  • The Factor IX
  • The Factor X
  • The Factor XI
  • The Factor XII
  • The Factor XIII
  • Lupus coagulant – LA1
  • Lupus coagulant – LA2
  • Ratio LA1 / LA2
  • Protein C
  • Protein S
  • Total complement system
  • Blood gases + electrolytes (Na +, K +, Cl-, Ca ++)
  • Electrolytes (Na +, K +, Cl-)

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  • Dr. Anna Averyanova

    Head of laboratory

  • Dr. Galina Kravchenko

    Laboratory assistant

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