General clinical studies

To date, it is impossible to provide an accurate diagnosis of the human body without general clinical studies.Such studies are laboratory tests that examine the physico-chemical properties of various body fluids like urine, blood, feces,ejaculate, scrapings and smears.With the help of general clinical studies, doctors can diagnose pathological processes, as well as monitor the progress of the patient’s treatment. In the medical center Akfa Medline created all modern conditions for conducting general clinical studies.

  • General urine analysis + microscopy of sediment
  • Nechiporenko analysis
  • Nechiporenko analysis in 2 portions
  • Nechiporenko analysis in 3 portions
  • Analysis of Zimnitskiy
  • Bence-Jones protein
  • Amylase total in a daily dose
  • Amylase total in a random portion
  • Pancreatic amylase in a daily dose
  • Pancreatic amylase in a random portion
  • Glucose in a daily portion
  • Uric acid in a daily portion
  • Urea in a daily portion
  • Creatinine in a daily dose
  • Potassium in a daily portion
  • Sodium in a daily portion
  • Chloride ions in a daily portion
  • Calcium in a daily portion
  • Magnesium in a daily portion
  • Copper in daily urine
  • Phosphorus in a daily portion
  • Cortisol in a daily dose
  • Testosterone in a daily dose
  • HCG in a random portion
  • Ceruloplasmin in a daily portion
  • Coprogram (general fecesanalysis + microscopy)
  • Fecal analysis for the presence of helminth eggs
  • Immunochromatographic analysis on an antigen to Lambliain native preparations of a feces
  • ELISA for chlamydia infection in native stool preparations
  • Immunochromatographic analysis on the antigen of the hepatitis A virus in native stool preparations
  • Immunochromatographic analysis наантигенHelikobakter Pilori
  • Researchfor latent blood
  • General sputum analysis + microscopy
  • Analysis for the presence of the BK
  • Research of vaginal smears of their 3 points
  • Vaginal research on flora
  • Investigation of urethral smears on flora
  • Research of the secretion (juice) of the prostate
  • Sperm research (WHO)
  • General analysis of Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Cytosis
  • Physicochemicalcharacteristics+ microscopy

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  • Dr. Anna Averyanova

    Head of laboratory

  • Dr. Temurmalik Yuldashev

    Laboratory assistant

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